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WISH YOU WERE HEIR? Where will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle go on their honeymoon?
WISH YOU WERE HEIR? Where will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle go on their honeymoon?

Where will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle go on their honeymoon?

It hasn’t been announced when and where the couple will fly to for a romantic break after their May wedding, but here are some options that are close to their hearts:


Both Meghan and Harry are passionate advocates for humanitarian work in Africa, and Rwanda has a particular pull for Meghan.

She visited the country as a World Vision Global Ambassador, and the country has plenty to offer in way of honeymoon experiences.

Perhaps they’ll be tempted by gorilla-trekking experiences or the witness country’s stunning volcanoes and eco resorts.


Meghan was raised in LA, but has gushed in the past about childhood holidays spent in Hawaii, which is a popular honeymoon destination for many couples.

With its stunning beaches, colourful reefs and relaxed vibe, it could be a good choice for the royals.


Turkey is already a favourite spot of the former Suits star, and she has posted about her love on social media in the past.

One of the places she visited was Cappadocia, where she could be seen watching the stunning hot air balloons.


Could the couple head to colourful Mexico for their big trip away?

Meghan said one of her most vivid travel memories is visiting the Day of the Dead festivals aged nine, and there are plenty of quiet, exclusive resorts tucked away.

The Newyork Times : 52 Places to Go in 2017
The Newyork Times : 52 Places to Go in 2017


A slower-paced way to see Turkey.

This wind-hugged sliver of an island in the Dardanelles is delightfully secluded: a 50-minute plane ride from Istanbul to Canakkale followed by a leisurely ferry ride on the Geyikli-Bozcaada feribot (and thus far, untouched by the violence that has shadowed the country). Despite its modest size, Bozcaada is covered in vineyards and home to six vintners, including the widely known Corvus. Beyond the vines are coves, ancient ruins, two beaches and a latte-colored Ottoman castle. Even the cobblestone downtown area has gotten more mellow: it became a traffic-free zone in 2015.

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TSC TRAVEL will be attending Travel & Adventure Show in California.We would like to take this opportunity to meet you personally and reinforce our business relationship, present our travel offers to you, and update you on the latest travel tips for Turkey, Greece and Egypt. We will be at Santa Clara Convention Center (Halls BCD) on February 7th and 8th 2015. Booth number 964 next to Turkish Airlines. We will be at Long Beach Convention Center (Halls ABC) on February 21st and 22nd 2015. Booth number 1344. Will you be in California as well? Please contact us for an appointment now Toll Free 1-800-715-2425. Click for more information. We are looking forward to see you there!
Tsc Turkey Travel Guide
Tsc Turkey Travel Guide
How to plan a trip to Turkey? What to see in Turkey? Where should I go? What about Turkish Food? What are the customs and traditions in Turkey? If you have so many questions in your mind and need help, we are ready to help you.

After few months work, our destination experts have prepared a wonderful travel guide detailing fun and interesting facts about Turkey.

If you would like us to send a copy of this Turkey Travel Guide to your family and friends back home, simply contact us by email or phone.
American Couple Stranded
Dodge & Jill Melkonian embarked on a Cruise Ship after their trip to Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Lebanon and Cappadocia with Tsc Travel. One day after, they had to disembark in Bartin which is small city of Turkey because Dodge broke his hip on the cruise. They have been transferred to a local government hospital without any assistance and nobody speak English with them.

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Turkish Airlines Fly To Houston
Turkish Airlines Fly To Houston
Turkish Airlines added Houston as new destination and scheduled flights every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from/to Houston to/from Istanbul. Special fares will be offered between April 1st and May 15th starting from 399 EURO for round trip flight. Turkish Airlines also have services to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. With this new schedule it becomes easier to travel from USA to Turkey .
Online Turkey Visa!
Online Turkey Visa!
E-Visa is the new way to get your Turkish travel visa. Instead of issuing “sticker”- and “stamp-type” visas at the border crossing, you can obtain your visa online.

After making payment and entering your details, your information will be checked by the system and your e-Visa e-mailed to you. Print it to show to officials and customs officers at the airports and border gates. An E-Visa is only valid for travellers visiting Turkey for tourism or trade purposes. For all other purposes, you must contact with embassy in your country. For more information, review the official e-visa website.
Doomsday in Sirince,Turkey
Doomsday in Sirince,Turkey
Turkey's Sirince village hosted thousands of people who believed in Doomsday on December 21st 2012. Sirince,Turkey and Bugarach,France were announced as salvation villages on earth and it was believed people in those locations will survive Doomsday which was the end of the world according to The Maya calender.

Due to high demand of accommodation,hoteliers increased room rates considerably and villagers rented their houses or lands to visitors. Many travel agencies include Sirince on their tours to Turkey because of its fame as a traditional Greek wine making village.

Sirince was the final settlement of Ephesians who had to leave the Ancient City of Ephesus because of malaria disaster. The village was dominantly a Greek settlement until the end of First World War when the big population exchange was agreed by Turkish and Greek governments.Recently, it became a popular tourist spot of Kusadasi with tourists who want to experience traditional village life in Turkey.
Early Booking Offer
Early Booking Offer
Early Booking Discount is available on package tours or tailor made itineraries! As our most popular tours fill up fast, it is a good idea to book early to make sure you can reserve the dates you want. We are pleased to offer up 10% discount per person on our package tours as early booking discount. But hurry - this offer ends soon! Book before January 2013 to secure your discount.The earlier you book, the more you save! Don't miss our discounted Turkey Tour offers and contact us now!
Anzac Commemoration
Anzac Commemoration
This weekend, thousands of Australians and New Zealanders came together in Gallipoli to commemorate the war in 1915. Grandchildren of Anzac soldiers were in Anzac Cove after 97 years. Also attending was the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and New Zealand Politician Nathan Guy. Prime Minister Gillard said “The Turkish honoured our fallen and embraced them as their own sons. No nation could have better guarded our shrines or more generously welcomed our pilgrims.”
Discover Gobeklitepe
Discover Gobeklitepe
Discover Gobekli Tepe which is the mother of myths! We offer a fantastic tour to Gobekli Tepe that dates from 9000BC and is 6000 years older than Stonehenge. This site is considered by historians to be the earliest religious site in the world
7,5 Million Travel to Istanbul
7,5 Million Travel to Istanbul
Istanbul is the most popular destination of Turkey, attracting millions of people every year with its natural beauty and historical background. The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry announced the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Istanbul in November 2011. There was a decrease on the percentage of Japanese Tourists compared to last year, but an increase on visits by Americans. The numbers also reflect the increase of tourism in other regions such as Cappadocia, Antalya, and Kusadasi.
2012: Madonna in Istanbul
2012: Madonna in Istanbul
Madonna’s concert took place in Istanbul in the summer of 2012 at the TT Arena stage. According to the news, she was touring to promote a new album and her media company, Live Nation was looking for partners in Turkey for concert arrangements. Madonna also made appearance at concerts in Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. Turkey tour Specialist sell concert tickets for anyone wanting to attend a concert while in Istanbul.
Istanbul Jazz Festival
Istanbul Jazz Festival
The 18th Istanbul Jazz Festival took place on May 7 with resounding success. Tickets were sold through Biletix and at the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, or İKSV, building in Şişhane. Venues included the Cemil Topuzlu Open-Air Theater, the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Hagia Irene Museum, Istanbul Modern, IstinyePark, Salon İKSV and the Marmara Esma Sultan as well as at the Tersane Stage and Santralistanbul Kıyı Amphi.
Istanbul Shopping Festival
Istanbul Shopping Festival
The Istanbul Shopping Fest (İSF) is an annual festival helping Istanbul to become the shopping, culture and entertainment centre of the world. It is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Governorship of Istanbul, with the support of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM); and coordinated by Council of Shopping Centers (AYD), Trade Council of Shopping Centers & Retailers (AMPD) and United Brands Association (BMD).

The festival’s glamorous spirit takes over shopping malls as well as the high streets and entertainment continues for 40 days with street festivals, concerts, shows, games for kids, parties, contests, and fashion shows. Anyone in Istanbul during the festival has the chance to shop from the newest collections at discounted prices. For tourists the excitement is doubled as they have the privilege of tax-free shopping up to 30%. The aim is for the festival to attract 1.5 million tourists by 2015.
The 8000 Years of Istanbul “In the Daylight”
The 8000 Years of Istanbul “In the Daylight”
The exhibition of Marmaray and Sultanahmet Excavations, which is displayed in the Assos Hall of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, sheds light on the history of Istanbul from the prehistoric eras to the Ottoman era. Artefacts were found during excavations in the neighbourhoods of Yenikapı, Sirkeci, Uskudar and Sultanahmet.They were carried out by the Directorate of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums since 2004.
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