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Best of Turkey and Greece Tour
Starting from 2300 $
Impreial guards in Greece
15 Days/14 Nights
Departure: Every Thursday
Istanbul - Cappadocia - Konya - Pamukkale - Ephesus - Athens - Santorini - Mykonos
Day 1 - Arrive in Istanbul and enjoy time at leisure.
Day 2 - Guided tour of Istanbul Highlights.
Day 3 - Enjoy a Bosphorus cruise, afternoon free.
Day 4 - Morning free fly Cappadocia in the afternoon.
Day 5 - See popular attractions of Cappadocia.
Day 6 - Driven to Pamukkale via Konya.
Day 7 - Visit Hierapolis, Aphrodisias and overnight in Kusadasi.
Day 8 - Enjoy guided tour of Ephesus and surroundings.
Day 9 - Take direct flight from Izmir to Athens, afternoon free.
Day 10 - Join our Athens Sightseeing tour, afternoon free.
Day 11 - Take a ferry to Santorini, overnight in Santorini.
Day 12 - Explore Santorini on your own.
Day 13 - Take afternoon ferry to Mykonos, overnight in Mykonos.
Day 14 - Explore Mykonos on your own.
Day 15 - Take a ferry back to Athens, arrive in the evening and end of tour.
Best of Turkey & Greece Tour is one of our most popular travel packages.It’s really the best offer to explore both Turkey & Greece in true way. This tour allows you to experience history, culture and nature of Turkey and Greece, both are settled on the Aegean Coast. You will have chance to taste delicious food, bargain in the best shopping places, enjoy lots of activities as well as some leisure time to delight romantic Greek Islands. Turkey portion of the trip is escorted tour and you will join our tour group consisting 25 (max.) people or less. However, Greece portion of the tour is a customized itinerary so its flexible for the changes. You can also make extensions at the beginning or the end of the tour.
Aegean Love Story Tour
Starting from 1750 $
Explore the hidden places of Athens
10 Days/9 Nights
Departure: Everyday from April to October
Athens - Mykonos - Santorini - Istanbul
Day 1 - Arrive in Athens and time at leisure
Day 2 - You may join our optional Athens excursion
Day 3 - Take a morning ferry to Mykonos, overnight
Day 4 - All day free in Mykonos
Day 5 - Take afternoon ferry to Santorini, overnight in Santorini
Day 6 - All day free in Santorini
Day 7 - Fly from Santorini to Istanbul via Athens
Day 8 - Join our city tour to see highlights of Istanbul
Day 9 - Free day to explore Istanbul on your own
Day 10 - Transfer to Istanbul Airport for your departure
Enjoy the best of Greece and a taste of Turkey from Athens to Istanbul. This program begins with two overnights in Athens. Explore the center of ancient culture. Board a high-speed ferry and cross the blue Aegean bound for lively Mykonos with its beautiful sandy beaches, windmills, and houses built right by the sea. Next, continue to Santorini, the southernmost and possibly most romantic of the Cycladic islands. From Santorini you will fly to Istanbul—a vibrant city of mosques, markets, peddlers, and historic buildings of Byzanteum Constantinople fame.
Visit ancient Parthenon in Acropolis of Greece
12 Days/11 Nights
Departure: Everyday
Istanbul - Pergamon - Ephesus - Athens - Olympia - Delphi - Meteora - Athens
Day 1 - Arrive in Istanbul and check into your hotel
Day 2 - Visit highlights of Istanbul
Day 3 - After morning tour fly Izmir for overnight
Day 4 - See Pergamon and overnight in Kusadasi
Day 5 - Join our tour to visits Ephesus
Day 6 - Fly Athens and afternoon free
Day 7 - Enjoy Athens sightseeing tour
Day 8 - Travel to Olympia via Corinth Channel
Day 9 - Visit Olympia and overnight in Delphi
Day 10 - See the ruins in Delphi and travel to Kalambaka
Day 11 - After visiting Meteora Monasteries return Athens
Day 12 - Transfer Athens airport for your departure flight
You will explore Turkey and Greece from pre historical to classical periods and Roman domination, discover the Byzantine Empire and the crusades as seen from a modern perspective. Bargain at the Grand Bazaar, stand in awe before the golden mosaics of the St. Sophia, cruise along the Bosporus, discover the magnificent Acropolis of Pergamon, Asclepion of Galen, stroll through the streets in the world-famous Ancient City of Ephesus, be amazed by the Temple of Artemis which was known as one of the seven wonders of antiquity. Conclude your lifetime experience with Greece by visiting landmarks in Athens, the renowned ancient cities of Corinth, Mycenae and Epidaurus, each rich in the millennia of history. Of course, not to be missed a visit to Delphi, once considered the center of the universe and Eastern Orthodox monasteries Meteora, carved "in thin air" on towering cliffs.
Wonders Of The Ancient World Tour
Starting from 3750 $
Visit the Halicarnassus in Turkey
13 Days/12 Nights
Departure: Everyday From March Till October
Istanbul - Ephesus - Bodrum - Marmaris - Rhodes - Olympia - Athens - Cairo - Alexandria - Cairo
Day 1 - Arrive in Istanbul Airport
Day 2 - See highlights of Istanbul including St Sophia Church
Day 3 - Travel to Aegean to visit Ephesus and Temple of Artemis
Day 4 - Driven to Bodrum to see Mausoleum of Harlicarnassus
Day 5 - Take ferry to Rhodes one of beautiful Greek Isles
Day 6 - See Old harbour where once hosted the Colossus of Rhodes
Day 7 - Fly Athens and enjoy afternoon free
Day 8 - Driven to Olympia via Corinth Channel
Day 9 - Visit world famous Acropolis of Athens
Day 10 - Fly Cairo and afternoon free
Day 11 - Visit The Great Pyramid of Giza
Day 12 - Take a day trip to Alexandria to see remainings of the Lighthouse
Day 13 - Fly back to home from Cairo
A wonderful trip to see renowed wonders of the ancient world. Antipater of Sidon, Palestine wrote a kind of travel guide to the Mediterranean world, in which he listed the most wonderful structures of his time. Only one of these remains today which is the Pyramid & Sphinx at Giza. TurkeyTourSpecialist will guide you to discover these hidden wonders with a wonderful tour itinerary. Walk through under gigantic dome of St Sophia Church, marvel at the beauty of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, amazed by the Colleseum of Halicarnasus and the Colossus of Rhodes, stand before the immense statue of Zeus at Olympia, see the wold famous Pyramids of Giza and climb the great Lighthouse at Alexandria. Upon your request, we can conclude this tour with a charming Nile Cruise, will allow you to discover legends of Egyptian pharaohs.
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